Unpredicted X-Ray Blasts May Show Us New Type of Space Objects

Unpredicted X-Ray Blasts May Show Us New Type of Space Objects

Experts in astronomy are confused by what they have seen recently. Two objects of incredible X-ray brightness appeared, becoming 100 times more powerful in no time, and calming down then for about an hour. More »

Breathtaking Wind Collisions on the Star Eta Carinae

Breathtaking Wind Collisions on the Star Eta Carinae

Our technologies go forward, showing us objects that are beyond our comprehension. Recently, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) provided a high quality photographs of Eta Carinae More »

Ancient Armored Fish May Have Given Humans Jaws

Ancient Armored Fish May Have Given Humans Jaws

The news about the discovery of an ancient armored fish fossil in China turned out the be much more interesting than considered. More »


How-to Prep for Working Out


Whether you’re hitting the gym to pack on some muscle, sweat it all out during hot yoga or burning some fat on the treadmill, it’s best to make sure your workout prep is on point. No matter what form of workout you do, if your workout prep isn’t maximized to help reach your goals, then you’re missing out on a key ingredient to success. There are several steps everyone can take to ensure that their workout preparation is the best it can be. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for working out.


It may seem counter-intuitive to think that resting will help you prepare for working out, but it’s the truth. When working out, you’re exerting your body and burning energy. In order to be able to fully recover, the body requires adequate amounts of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, young adults and adults alike are recommend to get 7-9 hours of sleep. Not only does sufficient rest help your body recover from the previous workout, but it also preps it with enough energy to dominate the next.

Diet & Hydration

Everyone has heard the adage that you can’t out-train a bad diet. Simply put, your diet has a huge impact on your workouts. Another part of workout prep is making sure you’re putting the right kinds of food in your body before exercising. What you choose to eat will largely depend on what kind of fitness goals you have and what kind of workouts you do. Generally speaking, an energy-dense meal high in protein, yet low in sugar is an excellent choice. Hydration is also another critical component for workout preparation. The American Council on Exercise suggests that active adults “sip 17 to 20 ounces of water a couple of hours before working out”. This should be in addition to enough water spread throughout the day. Drinking enough water before you workout ensures your body is properly hydrated to perform to its max.


Once a solid diet has been implemented, another great resource to add to your workout prep are supplements. There has been a huge boom in this market with the rise of major nutrition and supplement industries such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Supplements cannot replace real food, but when combined, they can certainly deliver that extra punch to help you dominate during your workout. From pre-workouts that provide a boost of energy to protein shakes that help increase your protein intake, it is easy to find supplements made specifically to help you with your fitness goals.

A proper pre-workout regimen may be that extra push needed to see amazing results from exercising. These are just a few of many things that can be done to maximize your time in the gym.

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