Unpredicted X-Ray Blasts May Show Us New Type of Space Objects

Unpredicted X-Ray Blasts May Show Us New Type of Space Objects

Experts in astronomy are confused by what they have seen recently. Two objects of incredible X-ray brightness appeared, becoming 100 times more powerful in no time, and calming down then for about an hour. More »

Breathtaking Wind Collisions on the Star Eta Carinae

Breathtaking Wind Collisions on the Star Eta Carinae

Our technologies go forward, showing us objects that are beyond our comprehension. Recently, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) provided a high quality photographs of Eta Carinae More »

Ancient Armored Fish May Have Given Humans Jaws

Ancient Armored Fish May Have Given Humans Jaws

The news about the discovery of an ancient armored fish fossil in China turned out the be much more interesting than considered. More »


8 Ways to Teach Children the Importance of Giving During the Holidays

The National Retail Federation estimated that consumers will spend $678.75 billion during the holidays and with that in mind, it is time to teach your little ones about giving.

Here are 8 ways to creatively teach your children how to give back:

A Visit to the Homeless Shelters/The Streets
Children may not be able to understand how good they have it until they are face to face with other children who do not have. One woman on RealSimple’s site said she packed up the kids to go to McDonald’s and ordered 100 hamburgers to give at the homeless shelter.

Customer In Training
You’ve probably seen them in the stores, children with carts labeled Customer in Training. What better way to teach your child the value of spending than grocery shopping? This holiday, show your children how to look for value and purchase something for a friend.

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

In the Daily Parent, one creative way of teaching children about giving is having them recreate the “lemonade stand” but have a hot chocolate stand instead- and pass it out for free.


A lesson in Story Time
Reading to your child and asking questions for comprehension becomes more than just a “school thing”, it can empower them to action.

Download the Hungry to Help Action Plan from Feeding America, and read with your child. It is such an amazing story along with questions about hungry children and why some parents just can’t afford to feed their families.

Crafting will continue to be a fun activity; and the fun part is that your children will enjoy it from start to finish.

Plan what you will make to give others: a blanket, some baskets with food, toys, etc. Then take a trip to your favorite arts and crafts store, let the children go crazy with ideas of what they hope to make for someone else. You can easily Google some holiday craft ideas or jump on Pinterest for some cool ideas.

Make it a Movie Night
Here is a novel idea- with apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, see if you can pick out a family friendly movie that stresses the importance of giving. A good start would be How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What better way to show the magic of Christmas can never be stolen if everyone realizes the true meaning behind it?

Stepping Into Shoes
One can never truly understand what it means to lack something unless they are in that situation.

Your family could spend 24 hours at a Senior home, shelter or church that feeds the hungry. Talk with people who have less than you, allow your children to ask questions and give thoughts on the situation. This will provide real-world experience they will never forget.

Social Media Can Help
Your children are on social media everyday which is nearly as large as a continent and perhaps with more people.

With your guidance and support (keep tabs on what they are doing online), allow them to find volunteer opportunities by visiting sites like VolunteerMatch where Beth Steinhorn has suggestions for online connections to help others. Right now there are tweets about those affected by hurricane Michael and various volunteer challenges.

With some searching and a few classic activities everyone will love, you can show your children that it is not only important to give- it can be fun too.

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