3 Reasons Selecting the Proper Tie Down Straps are Vital

Tie down straps, which are often called tie downs or ratchet or lashing straps, are a means of fastening an object to a base. These straps are often used when transporting cargo or equipment, but a similar principle is often used when securing a roof in advance of a hurricane. Whatever the task at hand, there are many different tie down types to choose from. Here, we won’t concern ourselves with what those options are or how to make the selection but rather the top three reasons why making the right choice is so important.

1. Loss of Cargo

The top reason to ensure you choose the right tie down straps is to ensure that you don’t lose your cargo. Be mindful that straps do wear down over time, and that means that if you put undue strain on them by using them improperly, even new straps can wear down on a single trip. If they snap, loosen or move out of place, then your cargo can fall or shift off the bed. When that happens, you not only lose some or all of your cargo, but you run the risk of personal injuries and other property damage.

2. Insurance Often Won’t Cover for an Improper Tie-Down

Of course, you might be thinking that insurance has your covered, but you may have to think again. Personal insurance for an automobile often doesn’t cover cargo at all, and even when it does, it has very specific rules about what it does and does not cover. Commercial insurance, on the other hand, usually is purchased with the intent to cover cargo as well, but insurance companies usually put provisions in place to ensure that their responsibilities don’t extend to protecting you against your own negligence.

3. Improper Tie-Downs Can Result in Fines and Other Penalties

You don’t even need to have a tie down wear out or malfunction to suffer the penalties for making a poor choice. That’s because both the federal and state governments have rules about which tie downs to use based on weight, dimensions and other factors. If you’re spotted by law enforcement, you can incur fines and other penalties, including loss of driving privileges.

No matter how short the trip or invaluable the cargo, never just secure your load without consideration. Take the time to organize and tie down the cargo the right way. If you’re ever unsure of which tie down straps to use, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are numerous resources available online, many of which are approved by federal, state and local government, and local retailers should be able to provide hands-on assistance.

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