3 Signs its Time to Update Your Child’s Wardrobe

Children seem to grow like weeds and their wardrobes will change with the seasons. Some articles of clothing such as shirts can last more than one season, but others like pants and shoes will need to be replaced regularly. Here are three signs that it’s time to update your child’s wardrobe.


Too Short


When your child’s pants unintentionally begin to look like Capri’s, then it is definitely time to splurge for something new. Some articles of clothing can be worn for longer than others, but pants should be updated and replaced when they are too short or too tight. Although, if you are talented with a needle and thread, by all means turn those pants into shorts, especially if they still fit your child around the waist. Shirts that have turned into crop tops are also asking to be replaced with updated styles that fit correctly.

Too Worn


It seems like children will gravitate to a few of their favorite outfits and want to wear them day after day. One of the consequences of wearing the same articles of clothing is the pilling, holes or fading that will naturally occur over time. Depending where the defect occurs, you may be able to salvage the clothing to be worn for longer, but more than likely your child will gravitate towards new favorites when you take her with you on a shopping trip for a new wardrobe.


Too Tight


If your child has clothing that is too snug, then it is probably time to invest in a new and updated wardrobe. It might be helpful to have your child try his clothes on to confirm whether or not they fit comfortably and correctly. If your child is straining to pull a shirt over his head or is uncomfortable in his shoes, it is time for a wardrobe update. Shoes may need to be replaced a few times throughout the year because they are worn every day and have a tendency to become too tight. Kids within the age range of one to three will need to have their shoes replaced up to four times a year because they quickly outgrow them.

Children outgrow clothing quickly and will need to have their wardrobes updated often. Remember to donate gently used clothing to organizations like Goodwill so they can be sold to other children who have outgrown their clothes and need an update to their too short, too worn, or too tight wardrobe.

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