3 Ways to Enhance your 3-D Movie Experience

Everyone loves 3D movies. What was once but a drive-in novelty act, is now–thanks in part to the commercial success of Avatar–a technology that directors are continually and regularly exploring. With that thought in mind, how does one optimize the 3D movie experience? Here are three suggestions:

1. Sit Near The Center Of The Theatre
Don’t wait until the last minute to get your seat. Sources such as CEPro and FileNanny confirm that although movie theaters attempt to calibrate the projector to show the exact same image to everyone in the audience, it is actually impossible to provide a perfect picture to those along the viewing area’s edge. The polarization must be aligned correctly and the image actually gets too fuzzy for anyone sitting too far out of where the film projector is actually “calibrated to show.”
Ergo, you should either purchase specific seats (where possible) or just get there early. This way you can avoid getting stuck sitting in a seat that it is difficult (if not nigh impossible) for the projector to serve. The 3D movie mavens state that the best place to sit is in the exact center of the theater.

2. Keep Your Head Level
Most 3D projection systems utilize polarized light to separate a pair of different, distinct images. Each image is meant for one of your two eyes. The difference in the two pictures is quite small, nevertheless, the equipment is set with the idea that everything is set under the premise that the viewer’s eyes are exactly level.
In fact, during early showings of the movie Avatar, some audience members became ill because they did not keep their eyes level. 3D picture pundits propose taking a neck pillow to see a 3D film if you are the kind of person who has trouble keeping your head level. If your seat reclines that could help too.

3. Try To Sit Still
In order to have your brain interpret what it is viewing in 3D instead of two individual images, you also need to sit still. If your head moves quickly, your fidgeting can cause confusion, break the 3D illusion or even make you nauseous. Get into position before the film begins and if you must move after that then do so slowly. If you need to go to the restroom then take off your glasses before you move your head and get up. That way, rather than seeing multiple images that will possibly give you a headache you will only see one blurry picture. Now that you know, go enjoy the show!

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