3 Ways to Show Your Employees They are Valued

Employee engagement is one of the most critical components of a healthy and productive organization. A recent study found that the cost of employee turnover ranges anywhere from 30 to 150 percent of the employee’s salary. In addition, the study found that increasing employee engagement by just 10 percent can dramatically increase revenue production per employee.

This financial data suggests that organizations cannot afford to slack in the area of employee satisfaction. A lack of attention to this important business element can have huge financial impacts. Here are three practices every organization should develop to keep their employees feeling happy and valued year-round.

Collect Feedback
This practice is extremely simple and inexpensive to implement but can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction ratings. There are many different strategies and processes when it comes to collecting feedback. Whether a company chooses to conduct a brief online survey, request input from direct managers, or call a town hall meeting for the entire organization, feedback is extremely important to employee morale.

Management Training
A recent study found that most employees don’t leave an organization because of the job. Instead, people make the choice to leave because of their bosses. This theory highlights the importance of effective management practices. A company hoping to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction should invest in leadership and management training for their staff. With training and insight, managers can better help their employees navigate the organization, relate to their needs, and motivate them to achieve. Employees will feel understood and will be more likely to stick with the company for the long haul.

Professional Development
One of the best ways to show appreciation is to offer the opportunity for growth. Employees have a need to experience new things, develop new skills, and gain more knowledge. Companies should offer employees the opportunity to take on new challenges, contribute to different project teams, and present their ideas to upper leadership. These opportunities will keep employees from feeling trapped in their current roles and will help them expand their knowledge of the organization as whole. Investing in professional development is definitely a win-win solution and is an easy and achievable way to increase employee engagement.

These three tactics are simple, yet effective strategies for increasing employee satisfaction at work. Employees who experience the opportunity to provide feedback, trust their management, and have the chance to engage in new learning opportunities will feel appreciated, valued, and important. In exchange, the company will experience improved productivity and a committed workforce.

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