4 Core Tips For A Great Core Workout

Engaging your core in exercise is beneficial for overall health and fitness. Some individuals have a misconception of what muscles comprise our core. A strong core helps athletes perform at a higher level, and many of the movements in sports involve jumping, throwing, or rotational movement. A great core workout is not just necessary for athletes, but it is also for everyday people who want to have improved stability. Here are four tips for a great core workout.

Engagement Is Crucial

The core is more than just your stomach. It is made up of stomach, back, and glute muscles that work together in harmony. You’ve probably heard the phrase “engage your core” at least a few times. How is this achieved? It is notsucking your stomach in. Make your stomach taut in coordination to support the lower part of your back. We can focus on engagement of our core while we aren’t at the gym with everyday activities like walking, sitting, or picking things up.

Keep Everything In Line

Keeping a good posture is important in daily activities as well as exercise. Keeping your body in a straight line during a workout is vital to prevent injury to the body. Good posture won’t happen overnight, and you must practice this skill repeatedly to master it.

Mirror Your Daily Routine

Wouldn’t it make sense to train your body at the gym with similar activities you complete in your daily routine? This is a great way to get an effective core workout. Here are a few examples of exercises you could complete at the gym.

  • Pick Up and Turn– Pick up a dumbbell and turn rotate your body as your begin to lift it, but you need to keep in mind proper lifting technique. Many times throughout the day you are picking things up and placing them somewhere.
  • Jump Squat– The jump squat is an awesome exercise that can strengthen our core for similar activities. You may squat many times a day without even realizing it.

Correct Breathing

The way you breathe during a workout is the foundation for any great exercise routine. While there has been some controversy over the correct breathing technique during exercise, you can usually follow a simple rule. Breathe in though your nose as you are performing the movement. When you are exhausting energy, exhale out of your mouth.

A great core workout involves understanding how the muscles in your body are connected. Use these core tips the next time you hit the gym for an effective workout that will benefit your overall health.

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