4 Financial Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Brass

Most shooters realize that they can save money by reloading their own ammunition. Less people realize that there are significant benefits to buying brass in bulk. A few of those benefits are fairly obvious, but some of them only show up in unusual and expensive situations.

Reducing Fees

Brass is heavy, and it takes a lot of money to ship heavy things. The shipping fees can add up fast, and the best way to avoid them is to buy in bulk. A single large shipment is almost always cheaper than a collection of smaller shipments, and many suppliers will offer free shipping for very large purchases. It won’t make a huge impact on the average shooter’s budget, but every little bit helps, and the discounts will save money in the long term.

Finding Discounts

It takes time to find a good deal, and people who need to order brass regularly can’t always postpone the order to shop around. People who buy in bulk can afford to wait for the good deals without running out of ammunition, so they they can save even more money when they do place their orders. Most vendors also offer bulk discounts, so big orders can save even more money. That mixture of sales and discounts can push the of brass very low, and all it takes is a little bit of patience and storage space.

Avoiding Shortages

Ammunition shortages are common, and they can last for years at a time. Those shortages drive up the cost of ammunition, which makes reloading significantly more appealing, even to people who would not have considered it when ammunition was cheaper. That increases the demand for brass, which drives up the price. The increase in the price of brass is usually small relative to the increase in the price of ammunition, but it can still be significant for frequent shooters. Buying bulk brass while it is plentiful allows clever shooters to make it through the shortage without needing to buy any new brass, so they can dodge the price increases and refill their stock when the price drops once more.

Removing Temptation

Impulsive purchases destroy budgets. It can be very tempting to buy cheap ammunition or brass when a good deal shows up, but the cost of a series of unplanned purchases will add up very quickly. The best way to prevent those purchases is to remove the temptation. People who know that they have plenty of brass at home are less likely to make an unplanned purchase than people who are worried that they might run out. The biggest savings come from not buying things, and a single bulk purchase can prevent a lot of smaller, more expensive ones in the future.

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