4 Reasons to Store Your POS Data in the Cloud

Point-of-sale data is integral to the modern business. Without it, a business simply can’t be agile enough to succeed in competitive markets. However, dealing with PoS data is becoming increasingly complex. Many businesses are collecting more than a gigabyte a day, and that number can go up significantly with a substantial online presence. It’s for these reasons that many companies of all sizes are turning to the cloud as a PoS data solution. With that in mind, let’s consider four reasons why you should store your PoS data in the cloud as well.

1. The Cloud Is Less Expensive

The cloud is less expensive overall and probably a lot less costly than you think. Even if your business is large, it’s unlikely that you can compete with the cost-savings the cloud can deliver. The reason for this is that a cloud business only need charge for what you use and when you use it. In addition, it’s able to distribute overhead over many clients in a way that your business never could.

2. The Cloud Facilitates Remote Access

Using the cloud, your data is stored at a remote facility or multiple facilities. It’s removed from your other assets, and it eliminates the importance of where you connect from. Instead of limiting your points of sale to particular locations, you can free yourself to finalize sales where your customers are. Take your PoS system to clients’ homes, to tradeshows and so forth.

3. The Cloud Is Redundant

The cloud gives you peace of mind. One of the great concerns with PoS and other business data is how to preserve it over the long-term. With the cloud, redundancy is fundamental. Data isn’t stored on a single server, which greatly reduces the threat of hardware and software failures. In fact, data is spread out over many servers and each datum is represented more than once.

4. The Cloud Is Physically Secure

The other advantage of using the cloud is physical security. Leading cloud services have ample security that includes software, hardware and manual measures. It also becomes increasingly difficult for a would-be thief to associate your business with your business’s data. In fact, most cloud breaches that occur target the cloud itself rather than a particular user. Even if you’re the victim of a breach, the chances that the thieves acquire cohesive, usable data is quite low.

The cloud is the future for business on many different fronts, and even many large corporations outsource their cloud and security requirements. There are four integral objectives your cloud should achieve, and outsourcing your cloud is among the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve them.

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