4 Reasons Why Catering Makes Social Events More Fun

Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate affair or holiday bash, everyone loves a social event. But for you, the event planner, the festivities have their own set of challenges. Should the venue be in a hotel, private home or other rented space? Should your hors d’oeuvres be simple spicy meatballs or elegant brussel sprouts with proscuito? These concerns are the domain of a professional caterer. Here’s four reasons why you should hire one.

About Catering Professionals
The National Association of Catering and Events administers certification for professional caterers. These culinary experts have advanced training and years of experience in food production and event management.

1. Project Management
Managing a social event is a multifaceted and rewarding project. If you get stressed over all of the minute details, let a pro help you. Catering pros deftly manage key details from choosing a theme to selecting the entertainment.

A caterer should be considered your business partner. He will listen intently and communicate effectively to help you reach your goals. With an innovative mindset and a desire to create a Wow! factor, fun is inevitable.

2. Menu Planning
Ask people what they remember most about a social event and they will invariably respond one way: “The food was great.” Your spread must be a show stopper, a gastronomical feast that delights the senses.

Is the food vegan or organic? Is it prepared with a fusian twist, a Korean influence or southern flare? A caterer will know how to transform seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as regional favorites into an experience, not just a meal.

3. Time Management
A social event is like an expensive time piece — all of the pieces of the machinery must work together with absolute synchronicity, or at least close to it. Even when you work with a professional caterer, miscommunication and misunderstandings will still happen. However, caterers do their best work under pressure. With years of experience in the fast-paced restaurant and hotel industry, a caterer demonstrates grace under pressure.

4. Financial Management
Creating a budget requires attention to detail and an affinity for numbers. This is a job for a caterer with sharp business skills. They are focused on delivering your event on time and within your budget. From negotiating money-saving deals with suppliers to calculating the price differential of food and beverage choices, creative options abound.

Positions for chefs are projected to increase by 9 percent during 2014-2024. With 90 percent of marriages involving millennials, baby boomers retiring and socially minded businesses celebrating their accomplishments, caterers play a key role. Rely on them to make your social event fun!

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