4 Supportive Gifts for Someone Overcoming an Addiction

Overcoming an addiction can be one of the most challenging things that an individual does in life. However, it can be done. In many cases, recovering addicts find that attaining support from people who genuinely love them will keep them on track to completing each stage of treatment correctly. With this reality in mind, you might be interested in giving your loved one supportive gifts that keep her or him motivated to complete the recovery process. Below you’ll find just four of many supportive gifts that may optimize and expedite the recovering addict’s journey into sobriety:

1. Journal.

When an individual makes the conscious decision to overcome an addiction, she or he will likely experience a wide range of negative emotions and multiple changes in both the personal and professional realms. If the ongoing and oftentimes anxiety-inducing process of change is not acknowledged, interrogated, and understood, the recovering addict may become immensely overwhelmed and even consider abandoning the entire recovery project. With this reality in mind, know that a journal may be the most empowering gift that an individual can give someone who is struggling with addiction. Journals afford individuals the opportunity to consistently record (and then read through!) the wide range of emotions they are feeling as they go through the recovery process. In addition to heightening self-awareness, the journaling process can quell anxiety and thereby keep the recovering addict in a state of mental and physical balance.

2. Planner.

In addition to giving a recovering addict a journal, consider the value of gifting her or him with a planner. Giving someone a planner is a powerful thing to do because it shows her or him that they have a future that they need to start thinking about. In many cases, recovering addicts feel that they have ruined their lives and don’t have anything to look forward to. By giving them a planner, you start the process of changing their mind by causing them to begin thinking about all the professional activities and social events that they need to start preparing for!

3. Yoga Mat. 

Another supportive gift that you might consider giving someone to help them overcome an addiction is a yoga mat. As noted in Recovery, doing yoga exposes the recovering addict to a drug-free setting. This can help the individual identify and start dwelling in safe spaces that will facilitate health rather than encouraging relapse.

4. Share An Experience.

As noted in Very Well Mind, many individuals who struggle with substance abuse intentionally seek out social contact and sensory experiences through illicit substances. This is why sharing an exciting or intriguing experience with someone in recovery can be a powerful and highly effective way to help her or him overcome the addiction. Riding in a hot air balloon or trekking up a mountain are just two of many experiences that you might gift the individual in recovery with.

If a loved one that you know has recently started the process of addiction recovery, you probably want to be there for them in any way you can. In many cases, thoughtfully selecting a highly personal gift for the individual in question can enhance and accelerate their recovery process. Use some or all of the suggestions outlined above to ensure that you select the type of gifts that will encourage recovery and holistic health!

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