4 Ways To Minimize Moisture in Your Crawlspace

Most coastal homes in the US are constructed with crawlspaces instead of basements. This is because, the building of full basements in these areas jeopardizes the integrity of housing foundation, by allowing entry of water. However, this is not to mean that crawlspaces are not without their fair share of problems. In fact, constructions utilizing crawlspaces are the most vulnerable to moisture. Moisture occurs when water vapor, entering these underground structures, condense, thus, forming water droplets. When this happens, mold and mildew start to grow. Therefore, it is important to have a regular inspection for the presence of moisture so that it can be dealt with immediately. The following tips help you in minimizing moisture from crawlspaces.


Identifying source of Moisture


To effectively get rid of moisture in these spaces, you must identify the source of the moisture in the first place. Otherwise, getting rid of the moisture can be tricky. The common sources of moisture here include plumbing issues, poor ventilation and overwatering of plants.


Increasing Ventilation

Ensuring adequate ventilation is one step in minimizing the presence of moisture in these spaces. To improve ventilation, vents should be open at all times, regardless of the season. If you are afraid of incurring huge energy bills, ensure that your floors are properly sealed so that vents work efficiently without hiking your energy bills. Also, ensure that air filters are clean to allow maximum flow of air.


Vapor Barrier Covering


If the moisture problem is as a result of exposed earth below the crawlspace, then covering with a vapor barrier is the best solution. For this, use sheet plastic layers to completely cover the ground. Ensure, that this sheets should be lapped at 6 inches, minimum. This will prevent damage to your floor framing.


Get a Dehumidifier


Using a dehumidifier is the easiest way of getting rid of crawlspace moisture. However, covering all areas that lead to the entry of moisture must first be done to enhance the efficiency of the dehumidifier. They size of the humidifier to be purchased is dependent on the square footage that you wish to be covered. Therefore, it is important that you first take measurements of the area to avoid overspending or purchasing a unit that doesn’t cover the area efficiently. Also, it is advisable to check if the unit has a humidistat. This will automatically regulate healthy humidity levels in your crawlspace.


Bottom Line


Minimizing moisture in crawlspaces is key to maintaining a healthy home. So, take measures to control moisture, immediately you notice this problem. Doing so prevents damage of your construction caused by mold or pests.

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