5 Innovative Trends in Hair Styling

When you need a change, it’s usually best to start with your hair. Picking a new hairstyle can be easy when you have something for inspiration. Let some of the top hair trends of 2017 be the inspiration your need.

The Undercut
One of the most popular hairstyle trends of 2017 for men and women is the undercut. While undercuts have been around for centuries, they have been a growing trend over the past few years. There are great undercut looks for men and women.

Rainbow Hair
Many people choose to dye their hair unnatural colors. One new trend with hair dying is called rainbow hair. Your hair can be any combination of colors. It can be pretty and pastel or it can be bright and bold. When paired with an undercut, that hidden design can now be multi colored. Your hair can even “transform” with a hidden rainbow layer. The only limit to rainbow hair is your imagination.

Other Trends in Hair Dye
Besides rainbow hair, there are other color options you can choose from. For a while women were dying their hair different shades of grey. Shades in violet or blue have also been popular over the past few years. You can go bold or pastel all over. Or you can try a peek-a-boo effect with pink (or any other color) strands throughout your hair.

Layered Hair
Layered hairstyles have been around for a long time. Though these looks mainly suit women, there are also some layered looks that work great on men. You can go long and straight, to wispy with bangs, angled, curled and messy, or pretty much anywhere. You can have a messy male rocker look or an updated “Rachel” cut. There really isn’t much you can’t do to achieve a great layered look for your hair.

The Bowl Cut Comeback
Yes you read that right. If you were a kid in the 80s and 90s, the chances are you had the horrid bowl cut. Today, bowl cuts have returned in a big way. They are a far cry from the home haircuts your mom would have given you with a bowl on your head. These looks have been transformed into something stylish for both men and women. Today’s bowl cuts will surely erase the nightmares of your 80s/90s school photos.

Trends come and trends go, especially when it comes to hair. If you want to go along with the trends for your next hairstyle, let these picks help inspire you. Take these looks to bold levels or tame them to suit you. It’s your hair, your look, and your choice.

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