5 Safety Tips For New Hunters

With the fall season approaching, it won’t be long before hunting season also arrives. For those who love to hunt and for those who have yet to experience the thrill, it’s best to acknowledge that the sport has its share of dangers. For beginners, especially, the danger increases tenfold without experience to draw back upon in order to plan for future hunts. As such, before you hit the trail on your hunt, consider some of these safety tips to make sure you have a good, safe, time.

1. Gun Safety

One of the most dangerous aspects of hunting is the fact that you’re going to be using a gun. Before hunting season begins, you should take the time to know the firearms you intend to use. Schedule a few sessions at a local range and fire your gun, so you know what to expect. You can also learn maintenance tips to make sure your gun doesn’t stall or break during the hunt. Always make sure your gun has a safety and that it is on when you’re not actively using it. Finally, never put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot.

2. Wear Orange

The second biggest danger is the other hunters. Through adrenaline and poor visibility it isn’t uncommon for hunters to shoot other hunters. A massive step you can take to prevent being shot is to wear the proper coloring to stand out from the scenery. Orange is considered the best color to be worn during hunting season, as it is easily noticeable for even those with poor eyesight. Make sure you wear orange whenever you enter a hunting area.

3. Stand Safety

If you intend to use a tree stand of some sort during the hunt, then make sure you know all of the safety features that come with it. Too many hunters have injured themselves or died by falling out of the stand. Know how to use the equipment.

4. Proper Gear

Whether you plan on staying out for a few days or not, you should always pack emergency gear in the event that you get stranded somewhere. A satellite phone, snacks, water, a first aid kit, and other standard survival equipment is a wise choice to bring with you.

5. Don’t Hunt Alone

Finally, for your first time, it’s best not to hunt alone. Bring an experienced hunter with you who can show you the ropes. In the event that something happens, one of you can run for help. If you refuse to bring someone along, at least have a satellite phone handy, so you can contact someone if there’s an emergency.

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