5 Savvy Editing Features to use for Product Photos

If you own an e-commerce business, you know that product photography will make or break your brand’s ability to sell products. Every year, online retail sales continue to break new records, proving that most customers would rather comfortably and conveniently shop from home than venture out of their houses to purchase products in person.

Because of the rise of e-commerce, however, your business has to stand out more than ever in order to compete effectively. If your product photography isn’t cutting it, chances are that customers will move onto the next company and not bother to give your products a chance.

Luckily, there are more and more apps and software being developed to help take the tedious and difficult work out of product photography editing. These apps and programs come with features that will allow you to turn the most mundane product photographs into clean, high quality masterpieces.

1. Background Remover Apps

You can now find a plethora of free background remover apps online. These apps all basically work the same way which is that they allow you to draw around the product, press a button and watch the background switch to a bright, clean white.

2. Filters

Unless you’ve been living on a rock, you know that filters are everything when it comes to photography these days. These editing presets execute many changes to your photo at once, adjusting things like contrast, exposure, saturation and hue. There are countless apps available that come with filter presets that will give your photos a striking pop with the press of a button.

3. Batch Editors

There are many different software companies that have developed methods for batch editing. If you have hundreds of photos sitting in your memory card that need to be uploaded fast, this method is a super convenient way to get all the work done in no time.

Batch editing software allows you to make the same adjustments to every photo all at once. This includes resizing, adjusting colors and exposure and renaming the photos. There’s never been a more organized and streamlined way to edit your product photographs.

4. The Clone Tool

This editing feature is ideal for items that have a small smudge on them or human models that may have a minor physical flaw like a blemish or a bruise. The clone tool allows you to grab a tiny section of the image and transpose it over the area that is flawed. This feature is used frequently to give models’ faces a perfect complexion.

5. The Sharpen Tool

Sometimes, you won’t notice that your picture is slightly out of focus until you get home and see the image on your computer monitor. The sharpen tool allows you to correct this problem without having to retake the picture.

Many editing software programs offer “smart sharpen” solutions that detect object lines and adjust any blurring, allowing the photo to look sharp and perfectly in focus

By getting to know these five editing features, your product photography will be able to stand out while looking visually stunning.

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