5 Signs It’s Time to Change the Brakes

The brake system in your car is one of the most crucial elements that you have to buy. You should change your brakes at the intervals that your manufacturer specifies in the instructions. However, there may be times when they wear out sooner than that. You can tell by these signs that you need to change your brakes:

1. Squealing

A lot of today’s brake pads are manufactured with built-in indicators. These indicators rub up against the rotors and make a terrifying squealing noise to let you know that your pads are wearing down to a dangerous level. At first, they’ll only squeal a little bit, but if you ignore it, they’ll squeal all the time, and they won’t stop until you change the brakes.

2. Takes Longer to Stop

Before you hear any strange sounds or indicators, you may notice that it takes you a long time to stop your car after you depress the brakes. That extended braking period is an indicator that you need to see someone to have the brakes changed on your car. When your brakes are in good condition, they respond quickly to your food because they have a lot of padding. The more the padding wears down, the longer it will take for your car to respond.

3. Grinding Noises

Grinding noises will occur if you wear your brake pads down to the point at which your metal plates are actually grinding against the metal rotors. At this point, you may have to replace the rotors, and if you keep driving, you’ll add some additional problems to the mix.

4. Vibrating

A shimmying, vibrating or pulsating situation indicates that you have a variation in the disc thickness that may have been caused by your worn brakes. You must make an appointment with a mechanic and have him look at your wheels in their entirety.

5. Pulling

If you notice that your automobile is pulling either to right or the left when you brake, you may have an issue with your brake calipers. It may be due to dirt or dryness. Whatever it is, you will have to have the calipers removed to have the issue fixed.

Those are some of the signs that will let you know that you need to get some new brakes put on your car ASAP. If you experience any of those signs, you need to schedule an appointment with the local mechanic immediately.

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