5 Unique Wooden Gift Ideas for Women

Many men have trouble finding the perfect gift for the women in their lives. Should you get her clothing? Does she need something for the house? Would she like electronics of any kind?

If you’re having a difficult time finding a nice gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, aunt or grandmother, consider a quality gift that’s made out of wood. High quality wood makes some of the greatest gift options for any type of woman. There are a number of wooden gifts that women would adore. Here are the top five that you might want to consider this year.

1. Wooden Jewelry Box

Women naturally accumulate a lot of jewelry over time, and they need a nice place to keep it. Wooden jewelry boxes are high quality and can last a woman a lifetime. Many times, grandmothers and mothers will pass their wooden jewelry boxes down to their daughters and granddaughters as gifts as well.

2. Wooden Jewelry

Have you ever heard of wooden jewelry? It’s a natural alternative to silver, gold and other fine metals. It’s also lightweight so it doesn’t wear you down. Wooden jewelry is often a great alternative for women who don’t find flashy metals attractive or for those who are allergic to these metals.

3. Wooden Desk or Vanity

A quality piece of wooden furniture is always a good gift for the woman in your life. Consider purchasing a high quality wooden desk or a vanity where she can store her makeup and hair products.

4. Wooden Bowls

Wooden bowls make wonderful additions to your kitchen. If your girlfriend or wife likes to cook, she will enjoy having wooden bowls for large salads or other dishes. They keep well if you take care of them and look great at a place setting. They are also all natural, which means that they won’t have any artificial toxins or chemicals in them.

5. Wooden Cutting Boards

Finally, for the woman who loves to cook and bake, a nice set of wooden cutting boards can come in handy. If you know that your girlfriend, mother or sister is in need of some cutting boards, don’t opt for plastic or glass. Wood always makes the best cutting boards. Remember that she will need to clean them properly and take care of them so that they last a long time. Oiling cutting boards regularly helps them from getting scars or drying out. also remember that you should never put wooden cutting boards into the dishwasher.

Wooden gifts are great for women, and they’re great for men too. They’re natural, last a long time and look beautiful in most any form.

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