5 Vintage Furniture Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Designers always warn homeowners about being too matchy matchy when it comes to home decor. Having the same style of furniture in room may be esthetically pleasing, but adding a vintage piece here or there adds interest, especially if the rest of the furnishings are more modern. Here are five vintage furniture pieces for a modern home.

Vintage screens are wonderful decorating tools because they can be a focal point in a room, hide unattractive views, control traffic and the passage of light, air and sound in a space. Oriental screens can be spectacularly beautiful. Vintage Chinese screens are decorated with glass, jade, mother of pearl. Japanese screens use batik and have images of flowers, birds, animals and ordinary people. Korean screens have paper hinges to make one long, continuous surface on which an artist creates a single huge painting. European screens can be made of wood or metal but still manage to be as delicate and intricate as lace.

A commode is a low chest of drawers which came into use around the time of Louis XIV, when it was called a bureau commode. Commodes can be very ornate, with swelling, flowing curves, marquetry decorations, marble tops and bronze doré trim. Commodes are so versatile they can be placed in the bedroom, the livingroom, library or even a large bathroom.

This is a type of armchair, also of French origin. It is completely upholstered and often has a richly carved wood frame and enclosed sides. The upholstered arms are shorter than the length of the seat, and the seat is covered with a loose pillow. Because the upholstery can come in all manner of colors, patterns and fabrics the bergére can be placed in a feminine bedroom, a masculine library or a livingroom.

Darby and Joan Chair
This is a chair that became popular in England in the 18th century. Great for a more casual room or even a hallway, it has a double or triple back and a wide, single seat that can accommodate two or three people.

The kas took pride of place in Dutch colonial homes in America. It is a tall, upright cabinet for clothing. It usually has ball feet, a plain cornice and two doors that open out. A kas is just the thing for a bedroom, a dressing room or even a roomy modern bathroom.

Pier Glass
This was originally a full-sized mirror that was simply placed against a pier in the wall or used to fill the space between windows. Now they often come in their own frame and are just the thing for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in-closets.

Trestle Table
Also called a sawbuck table, this piece of furniture is good for the kitchen or dining room in a more rustic home. It is a simple table top resting on X shaped trestles.

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