5 Ways to use Fishing Nets Around Your Home

Even if you do not live close to the ocean, you can bring its primitive beauty into your home with nautical-themed objects. A versatile thing to consider is fishnet made of knotted rope. These have been used on the water for centuries for catching fish in large quantities. One of the earliest fishing nets mentioned in history comes from records that date back to 8300 BCE, says Wikipedia.org. While you may not need them for fishing, they can add texture and interest to your home décor. Here are some fun ideas on how to incorporate fishing net into your next decorating project:

1. Curtains: Who says that your curtains have to be made from fabric? Fishing net is as pliable as fabric and can be fashioned into fabulous window treatments. You can make large swooping toppers or long panels that touch the floor. Fishing net is transparent and makes your rooms look light and airy. For added interest, you can hot glue small seashells randomly on the net.

2. Wall Hanging: If you have a large wall space that needs a special touch, try hanging a fishnet on it. You can gather the edges in any way that you choose for an interesting shape, says an SFGate.com article. This unique wall hanging can provide a neutral backdrop for ocean-themed pictures or even family photographs.

3. Toy Hammock: Are you tired of picking up your children’s toys every day? Instead of having toys scattered on the floor, you can corral them in a fishing net. Find a suitable corner in the bedroom and hang the fishing net catty-cornered, to create a hammock. Your children can just pick up their toys and pitch them in their new toy hammock. This works especially well for stuffed toys.

4. Nautical table cloth: Think of how impressed your dinner guests will be when they see your lovely ocean-themed dinner table with a fishing net table cloth! These nets come in various rope thicknesses, so you can choose one that is most suitable for your dinnerware. The open-weave pattern of the net highlights the beauty of your table. When dinner is finished, just toss the net in the washer and it will be ready for another meal.

5. Rustic Candle jars: Fishing net with a smaller weave can be cut and used for all sorts of crafts for your home. Cut a square of netting that is big enough to cover a mason jar. Using a hot glue gun, glue the edges around the jar’s opening to secure the netting. Next, glue a piece of rope around the opening to create a finished edge. Make several of these jars in different sizes and fill them half-way with sand. Put real or battery-powered candles in your jar and place them around your home to make it look warm and inviting.

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