5 Wedding Dress Trends You Should Expect to See Fall 2017

Your wedding day is one that you shouldn’t forget. From the decorations to the people who are in your wedding party, there are numerous details that come together for quite possibly the biggest day of your life. One of the fun things to look for is the wedding dress, and there are quite a few trends for the fall season of 2017 that you might want to look into when you’re shopping.

Higher Necklines
high neckline brings back a nostalgic look for the wedding dress. It offers innocence and romance all in one. The high neckline will be seen on dresses of all designs whether they are simple and straightforward or detailed with pearls and lace. They decrease the need for a lot of jewelry, allowing for the focus to be on you and the dress on your wedding day.

Keeping It Off The Shoulder
This design trend allows for a way to wear a shawl with the wedding dress or a simple jacket in the same material and design of the dress. Draping sleeves that reach to the elbows will be a design to watch for with the off-the-shoulder look. Showcase your tan from summer with this design while using it as a way to highlight the jewelry that you wear around the neck as well as earrings that you wear.

While feathers might not be the traditional accessory that you would see with a wedding dress, the trend is growing in popularity. They will act as accents on the sleeves and along the base of the dress instead of taking over the ensemble. You’ll also see that feathers will highlight the shoulder area with wider belts at the waist. Another way to wear feathers is as an earring design.

Long Sleeves
With the cooler weather of fall, you’ll want to cover up the arms. Long sleeves are a trend for this wedding season. They will extend the length of the arm, gracefully hugging the wrists. This design allows you to showcase a ring or two along with the intricate details of the dress that might get overlooked when the arms are left uncovered.

Colorful Stitching
Instead of a white dress, you’re going to see quite a bit of color in the way of stitching on wedding dresses. Floral designs will be prominent in colors of purple and pink. These designs will make your wedding dress unique and personalized, just as it should be for your special day.

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