6 Crazy Marijuana Myths Debunked

Attitudes towards marijuana in America are changing rapidly. No longer are a majority of respectable American citizens writing this drug off as just 1960s hippie degeneracy. Today, many states in the USA offer medicinal marijuana legally, and some states even allow people to buy marijuana for recreational use. Although the general public knows a great deal more about marijuana now with the help of the Internet, there are still some strange myths floating around concerning this drug. In this brief article, we will look at six marijuana myths that have been completely debunked in modern times.

1. Smoking Marijuana Is Worse For The Lungs Than Cigarettes

Some people believe just because marijuana has no filter it has worse effects on a person’s lungs than normal cigarettes. However, a 2012 study on marijuana’s effects on the lungs showed no major adverse effects on pulmonary function. Although marijuana smoking can have negative effects if done without moderation, even occasional cigarette smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer than people who smoke two or three joints per day.

2. Marijuana Users Are Increasing Exponentially

A 2015 American survey that received a great deal of media attention claimed that the use of cannabis and disorders associated with the drug have doubled between 2001-2013. However, this survey was debunked by a new article in JAMA Psychiatry written by the Washington School of Medicine’s faculty. These researchers looked at marijuana trends from 2002-2013 and they found that adults who admitted using cannabis increased by 19 percent. Despite this increase, they found no rise in marijuana-related problems. Interestingly, many other published reports indicate that the rate of people smoking pot in high school has actually declined over the last 15 years.

3. Marijuana Has No Real Effect On Chronic Pain

Although some believe marijuana just acts as a placebo for chronic pain patients, there’s actually a great deal of evidence to the contrary. Cannabis, especially taken in pill form, has actually been shown to help chronic pain sufferers more than opioids. Just one study on this issue comes out of Hebrew University in Israel. Israeli researchers found that chronic pain sufferers who inhaled 20 grams of cannabis per month were less likely to be addicted to opioid drugs and more likely to report a higher quality of life. Due to the recent opioid epidemic in the USA, some chronic pain experts are supporting the use of cannabis for chronic pain patients.

4. You Can Die From An Overdose On Cannabis

Some critics of marijuana claim that you can actually die from an overdose on marijuana. The fact is that it is extremely rare for anyone to die simply due to marijuana use. Medical experts say it would be 10,000 times more difficult to overdose on smoking pot than on drinking alcohol. Now, while ingesting too much marijuana may not kill you, it can cause serious negative side-effects like panic attacks and psychotic episodes.

5. People Who Smoke Weed Are More Likely To Be Criminals

A recent study out of Norway shows that marijuana does not correlate to an increased risk of crime. Norwegian researchers found that crime rates related to cannabis users were only higher in countries where marijuana was officially illegal. Another study in London studied the crime in an area where pot was de-criminalized for a year. British researchers found a significant decrease in crime rates in that area. Many researchers now say that the link between pot and crime is just like the link people made between alcohol and crime during the Prohibition era.

6. Pot Was First Discovered By Chinese Emperor Shen Nung

Researchers at the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum in Arlington, Virginia, believed that the very first recorded use of cannabis use was in 2727 BC in China. They believed that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was the very first person to both discover and use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, recent data seems to contradict these long held beliefs. First off, Chinese historians point out that Shen Nung couldn’t have been the leader of China at that time. It wasn’t until Qin Shi Huang came into power in 260 BC that a unified China had its first emperor. There is also no reference to Shen Nung and his marijuana on any of the Chinese oracle bones dating back to 1200 BC and 1050 BC. Marijuana “founder” Shen Nung might have been just some pot smoker’s pipe dream.

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