6 Helpful Tips For Organizing Jewelry

Sometimes it may seem like you can never get enough jewelry. However, your overflowing drawers might suggest something different. A little organization can go a long way in keeping your jewelry collection in hand. For those who have a lot, you may not even know where to begin. As such, here are six tips to help you out when you organize your jewelry.

1. Reuse Kitchen Cutlery Drawers

To save a little on money, why not pull out that barely used kitchen cutlery drawer and repurpose it? The separated areas within the drawer are perfect for keeping your jewelry separate and identifiable. The best part is it didn’t even cost you anything in addition. For those who really like to stay organized, simply label sections of the cutlery drawer, so you know exactly where earrings, necklaces, rings, and so on can be tucked away.

2. Easy Access Via Wall

If necklaces are your thing, then you should consider procuring a mat or board that can easily hang on your wall. Pin a few sections and hang your necklaces for easy access whenever you walk out of the closet. You can see all of them displayed how they were meant to be and have an easier time in deciding which one to wear.

3. Keep It Visible

Make sure you have a drawer that can be easily pulled out and line your jewelry within like an elegant trail. Store them in jewelry boxes if you must, but make sure you can see each piece easily. This will help you not only know where each jewelry piece is–and save you time on searching for it–but it also forms a beautiful display case for your own personal enjoyment.

4. Grab-And-Go

If you have a specific set of rings, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces that you wear from day-to-day, then make a grab-and-go box. Place it somewhere easily reachable, and when you’re hurrying out the door, you can grab all the items you need from the one box. No more worrying about lost jewelry or finding where it’s hiding.

5. Keep It Safe

To ensure that your jewelry stays safe from damage, procure a few boxes to hold the pieces. Whether they’re see-through or not is your decision, but these boxes will make sure everything remains in a tidy place and is protected from the outside elements.

6. Make It Decorative

One last tip to reflect on is to make your storage part of the decor of your home. Whether it’s a jewelry tree or a unique shelf that you can easily hang your jewelry on, you can make a statement twice-over.

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