6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Disney Cruise Trip

All things Disney are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but nothing is quite like experiencing a Disney Cruise. You get the fun and adventure of a family cruise with Mickey and friends along for the ride! If you have decided to book a Disney cruise for your next vacation, read ahead to see the 6 mistakes you should avoid to keep your trip magical.


1 – Booking Too Late


Disney sells fast especially if you plan on traveling during peak season or during a special cruise event. You should book as early as possible; aim for at least a year before if you can. There are numerous additional activities on the ship like the spa or the princess pampering sessions that require advance reservations. Add those items to your itinerary as soon as you can to make sure your spot is reserved.


2 – Not Budgeting Enough Spending Money


The cruise is fully enjoyable with the standard pricing and accommodations, but you may want to have an alcoholic beverage, dine at the adult-only restaurants, or enjoy extra port excursions. Disney cruises are card and cash free, so all purchases made on the ship are charged to your room including gratuities. Make sure you have enough spending money on your linked card to cover these extras. The only cash you will need is for souvenirs and food at port cities.


3 – Not Having Proper Identification


Passports may not be required for every Disney Cruise, but proper identification to prove citizenship is. Some countries have extra documentation requirements and it is up to you to plan accordingly. Emergencies happen, so it is best to have current IDs and passports for all family members just in case.


4 – Overbooking Extras


It is easy to want to do everything on the ship, but be mindful of your family’s limitations and make time to relax. Avoid scheduling back to back activities especially with young children. Make time for impulsive fun and down time on the ship.


5 – Forgetting Costumes


There is always a reason to get in costume on a Disney adventure. The ships have pirate night, character breakfasts, and character meet and greets that your children may want to dress up for. Buy costumes ahead of time because the ones on the ship are pricey.


6 – Not Booking A Spacious Room


Comfort is important while at seas, so be careful not to book your family’s stateroom based on price alone. Pay attention to the the room’s square footage and how many people it will accommodate. Consider where everyone will sleep and where your luggage will be stored.

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