6 Tips for Decorating your Event on a Budget

Planning an event can become costly. The venue, food, and entertainment will take up a large part of your budget which will leave very little for the decorations, but don’t worry. The following tips will help you decorate your event affordably.

1. Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are a great place to buy everything from table settings to floral arrangements cheaply. Here one can make centerpieces with silk flowers and vases that could be had for under $1. These retailers are also perfect for paper products that are simply going to be thrown away.

2. The Venue

Some venues may not need decorations. Additional décor can actually distract from windows with amazing views. Let that stunning landscape be your main decoration. Rental locations that provide table linens or have tastefully decorated rooms will also help you keep the décor budget to a minimum.

3. Let the Guests Decorate

Instead of purchasing costly centerpieces, ask guests to bring a framed photo relating to the theme of your event. These pictures can be scattered about the room, and they make excellent conversation starters. The same can be done with any type of object that reflects the reason for the gathering.

4. Nature

When it comes to decorating for an event, we often overlook the obvious. The great outdoors provides a never ending abundance of décor. Decorate winter events with cut pines, pine cones, or bare tree branches. During the spring and summer months, flowers, berries, and fruits can be lovely, and autumn is a decorator’s dream. Freshly fallen leaves can be turned into a variety of decorative displays.

5. Double Duty

You need to rethink how you use some items when trying to decorate an event on a budget. Appetizers can actually become wonderful centerpieces when placed on an attractive tray or plate. Use colorful deserts and cookies to enhance the food tables, and place bowls of candies around the room for a pop of color.

6. Mementos

Many events require the host to provide some type of memento or goody bag to each guest. In these circumstances you can use these giveaways as your décor during the event. For example, using votive candles in glass jars would be very pretty throughout the evening. As guest leave, tell them to be sure and take one home with them.

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