7 Fire and Gas Safety Tips that are Essential to Know

Business managers and homeowners need to understand the dangers from fire or natural gas in order to prevent personal injuries or property damage, and these seven tips can save your life.

1: Install Smoke Detectors In a Home or Business

Every business or home should have at least one smoke detector, but if a building is larger, then it is a good idea to have multiple smoke detectors installed. There are basic battery-operated smoke detectors along with deluxe models that provide lighting in a smoky hallway. For commercial buildings, it is advisable to have a smoke detector that alerts firefighters automatically.

2: Maintain a Building’s Gas Pipelines

It is important to have gas pipelines inspected to make sure that the items are in optimal condition. Most gas pipelines are designed to last for many years, but the devices can degrade or crack. If a geographic region has an earthquake, then it is essential to have the gas pipelines inspected right away.

3: Have a Building’s Fireplace and Chimney Inspected and Cleaned

If a building has a fireplace, then it is important to have it inspected and cleaned professionally at least once a year. A knowledgeable chimney sweep can remove soot and debris from a fireplace and chimney to prevent internal fires that can burn through a building’s walls.

4: Use Caution While Preparing Meals

Most fires occur in kitchens because cooks have left food cooking on a stovetop without watching it carefully. While cooking food, make sure to remain nearby to avoid accidental fires that can spread quickly in a kitchen, leading to massive property damage.

5: Have Specialized Ashtrays to Prevent Fires

If you smoke cigarettes, then the sparks from hot ashes can cause a fire that will burn down a building. Make sure to have fireproof ash receptacles outside a business or home near to the location where people smoke. In addition, there are small fireproof metal ashtrays designed for use inside a home.

6: Have a Natural Gas Leak and Fire Escape Plan

Everyone must have an escape plan in place when there is a gas leak or dangerous flames inside a building. You should have a floor plan of a building posted in an easy to see location so that family members or customers can understand where the emergency fire exits are located.

7: Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If a gas pipe is leaking, then the fumes may contain a dangerous odorless and colorless gas. The only way to know if your home or business contains this dangerous gas is by installing carbon monoxide detectors. Having carbon monoxide detectors can save your life, especially at night when you and your family are sleeping.

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