7 Important Things to Know When Moving Cross Country

It can be overwhelming and stressful to move cross country, so you’ll need to make sure you’re following a checklist and making good choices every step of the way.

1. Unclutter Your Life
You don’t want to take anything that is unnecessary when you’re moving across the country. This is the time to unclutter your entire life, not drag baggage with you. If you’re keeping items for sentimental reasons, consider whether you can toss them and find another way to remember.

2. Label and Inventory
When your move is incredibly complicated, being organized is essential. Organize and pack using a moving checklist. Label everything and use a central packing list to ensure you know what’s in every box. Add numbers to all the box labels, so if you have 30 boxes in the house, you’ll have the same amount in the truck as well as the new location.

3. Consider the Way You’ll Move
One of the first considerations is whether you’ll move yourself or have someone to do it for you. It’s not like you’re moving in the same city where all your friends and family can help. Along with that decision, you’ll have to decide if you’ll take your vehicle too.

4. Plan the Route Carefully
If you plan on driving the truck, you’ll need to plan your trip ahead of time. You’ll probably rely on GPS, which might not always be entirely accurate, so you’ll want to have printed directions too. If your trip will take a day or more, you’ll need hotel or motel reservations.

5. Temporary Living
Sometimes, you want to move to a city but are not sure about the accommodations until you get there. You want to see an apartment in person before you sign a lease. You’ll need to find temporary accommodations while you’re waiting, which is why sites like Airbnb are great.

6. Cheaper Prices
Whether it’s renting the truck or finding a storage unit for your items, you’ll want to plan the best moving times based on pricing. In the summer, it’ll be more expensive than any other time of the year. Weekends, holidays and end of the month are expensive too. Avoid those times to score better prices.

7. Economics
If you’re moving for your job, make sure you’re heading to an area that has a good economic climate. Losing your job would be terrible, but if you moved to a place that didn’t have other opportunities, it could be disastrous.

Moving cross country can be entirely overwhelming, which is why you should have a definitive plan on everything from packing to the route you take.

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