7 PowerPoint Ideas to Improve Your Presentations

If you have an upcoming PowerPoint presentation to give, but you’re a bit nervous about how it’s going to turn out, use the following tips to make sure it’s on point.

1. Keep slides short, simple and concise.

When you create your PowerPoint presentation, you know exactly what you’re saying in each slide, but your audience does not. If you try to cram too much information into each slide, you’re going to have a confused audience. Instead, make sure that you have a clear topic for each slide and put it front and center.

2. Include images on each slide.

Make sure that you have images for your audience to enjoy. Simple text is not enjoyable to look at, and you’ll want to make sure that your audience stays interested.

3. Include video and audio as well.

Today, adding video clips or audio to your PowerPoints is easier than ever, and these elements will definitely help to keep your audience interested. If you don’t have any direct need for audio or video, add it just for fun.

4. Have a plan for how you will explain your topic.

One thing that many presenters forget is that you cannot assume that the audience knows exactly what you’re presenting. In other words, they don’t know what you’re talking about and will most definitely get lost if you start jumping around and expect your audience to follow.

5. Never read the text in your PowerPoint presentation.

People are there to hear you give a presentation. They are not there to hear you simply read your slides. Instead of reading, make sure that you practice your presentation many times before giving it so that you know what you want to talk about. You can go off topic a little bit, but keep a few words or images on the slides to help keep you on track. Also, keep notes for yourself. Find out how in the next tip.

6. Keep notes for yourself on your own screen.

When you give a PowerPoint presentation, you should have your own screen near you, and there, you can change the look of the presentation so that you have more details about what you want to say and comment on. This is where you should put most of your text instead of on the slides that everyone can see.

7. Speak clearly and look at your audience.

Finally, make sure that you’re speaking clearly and loudly. Look your audience members in the eyes as you present.

PowerPoint presentations can take a long time to create, and they can certainly be a pain. But if you start early and implement all or most of the tips above, then you can be confident that your presentation will turn out great.

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