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Basic Gym Etiquette Everyone Should Know

With so many people visiting the local gym to get in shape, it is important that a few etiquette rules must be established and shared. There’s nothing like going to the gym, and not realizing that you are the person that everyone else is trying to avoid. Consider these clear-cut tips for brushing up on gym etiquette.

Shower and Wear Clean Clothes to the Gym 

A survey done by Men’s Health notes that nearly ⅔  of people were offended by excessive body odor of the other ⅓ of sweaty gym goers. To avoid this embarrassing debacle, you should ensure that your body and workout clothes are fresh and clean. Doing so improve the experience of everyone who passes by or interacts with you, and you might even receive some welcome social attention.

Wear Appropriate Gear 

Those workout shorts that are two sizes too small, or that designer outfit that looks like lingerie is not appropriate gear for the gym. Remember to wear presentable attire that you can comfortably move in, and bring a towel. If you go swimming, keep a basic swimming suit or trunks on hand.

Wipe Machines Down Before and After Use 

Spotting a large pool of sweat on the seat of a machine or dripping off of exercise equipment is a huge turnoff. Women’s Health Magazine shares the results of an alarming study that revealed that gym equipment can have “39 times more bacteria than a plastic cafeteria tray and the treadmill has 79 times more bacteria than a water faucet”. Not only should you wipe down those cardio machines with antibacterial wipes before and after use, but disinfect the germs from the free weights too. Not only is it proper gym etiquette, but it’s for the health of you and everyone else.

Use Earphones Responsibly 

Blasting your favorite popular playlist in the gym may get you and your friends riled up, but the same music can completely annoy others. Use earphones to keep those tunes resounding in your ears. Maintain a fair volume so that you are able to communicate with other gym goers who may be asking a question, or warning you of an emergency.

Move After You Are Done 

Once you have completed your reps or cycled miles on an exercise bike, get up and move. People who park themselves on a machine after working out prevent others from exercising in a crowded gym. Show your consideration by moving on to the next area, or parking your tail on a bench until you are ready.

Limit the Selfies and Video Shout-Outs 

Limit your selfies and videos at the gym. Not only can you make other gym goers feel self-conscious, but your blatant self-confidence can depress someone who has a long way to go to get fit. Plus, others do not want to be caught sweating like a maniac in the background of your cute photo or video.

Do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself, and remember that most people just want to focus on their workout. Use modest, non-offensive language to avoid repelling others. Avoid eating meals and snacking on junk. Decline the urge to flirt with people who are minding their own business. If you have a friend or family member that lacks polish in the gym, consider passing on some gym etiquette tips to make their next visit more harmonious for everyone.

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