How-to Make Sure Your Home’s HVAC is Running Properly

A comfortable home is the type of home you want to spend most of your time in. The heating and cooling controls inside a home often serve as the levers that deliver desired comfort level. Homes with an HVAC system definitely can access an enjoyable climate provided the HVAC system actually works properly. That isn’t always the case though. Problems can arise that undermine an HVAC system’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to improve the likelihood the unit works as intended all throughout the year.

Order an Annual Cleaning

HVAC systems can compile a lot of dirt, dust, debris, and other impurities in the systems. In addition to the problems this may cause with the ducts, the unit’s parts might be affected. A dirty HVAC system might not operate in the most efficient manner. So, take steps to have the HVAC cleaned. Once a year, at the very least, contact a cleaning service to perform a thorough “tidying” job on your HVAC.

Request a Thorough Inspection

In addition to cleaning the HVAC system, a technician should also be able to perform a complete inspection of the unit. Worn or damaged parts may be uncovered during a proper inspection. While you might not notice any problems, something may not be right. A coil could be aged or a filter needs to go. A fire hazard might even exist. A skilled inspector should be able to uncover any problems that exist. The next obvious step here would be to have those issues fixed so the problem is solved.

Seal the Ducts

Granted, you won’t have to seal the ducts if nothing is wrong with them, but an inspection might reveal this common problem. Imperfections in the ducts lead to hot or cool air escaping. That means efficiency has been undermined. Properly sealing the ducts restores energy efficiency while allowing the ducts to actually do their job.

Don’t Dismiss Anything that’s Just Not Right

Strange noises coming from the HVAC are best not dismissed. If the temperature isn’t going up or down as efficiently as it should, don’t chalk the issue up to “nothing serious.” Keep a log of any issues and potential problems with the HVAC. Inform the company it was purchased from or an installer of the concerns. This way, an appropriate fix can be performed if something serious is causing the odd performance.

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