How to Optimize Space in Your Small Bathroom

A tiny bathroom isn’t ideal, but it is very workable. One of the biggest complaints about small bathrooms is the lack of storage space, but there are things that you can do to combat this and have a great bathroom space.



  1. Go Vertical Instead of Horizontal:


When trying to optimize space in a small bathroom, it is important to go vertical and not just horizontal. For added storage you can hang towel holders or racks, shelves, or even a cabinet above the toilet.


  1. Reconsider the Shower Curtain:


Shower curtains can cut off a room and give the impression the room is smaller than it actually is. You can combat this by getting frameless shower doors installed.  Glass is easier to clean than a shower curtain, so ease of cleaning is a great-added bonus.


  1. Simple Décor:


For a small bathroom, it is important to pick décor very carefully. Too many items, and the room will look cluttered. Too dark of paint color, and the room will appear smaller than it actually is.  Pick a focal point, and accent that, keep everything else basic.


  1. Think About Lighting:


Pick slim light fixtures that won’t overwhelm and are size appropriate for the room. Using a mix of direct and indirect lighting is best.


  1. Renovation:


If you have a larger budget, you may want to consider re-working the room layout. Sometimes you will find moving things around like toilet position or changing from a tub to a stand up shower can give you a lot of extra space. Do keep in mind, that you would most likely have to call in a professional to do this – unless you have previous remodeling experience. So, this isn’t the most cost effective solution. If you do choose to remodel, be sure to research contractors to ensure that you have a qualified professional working on your home.


  1. Set a Morning Schedule:


If you have multiple kids sharing a small bathroom or there is one small bathroom for the whole household – it is important to have a schedule in place. Not a schedule for every visit to the restroom, that’s not what we are saying. More the times where it is high traffic – like before work or school. Having a shower schedule or arranging that some members of the household shower in the morning and some in the evening can help the bathroom seem less crowded at certain times of the day as people won’t be fighting for space.


A small bathroom is not impossible to live with – with some tweaks, of course. There are a variety of vertical storage options and things that can be done to give the appearance of a bigger bathroom or to actually give space back to the room.

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