How to Use Challenge Coins as Employee Incentives

It’s important to give employees incentives from time to time. It helps to show that they are appreciated. It also gives them something to work for. Challenge coins can work as effective incentives.

Order a Meaningful Design
Challenge coins can be customized in various ways. You will want to work on a design that includes the company logo so that people remember where they received it. Consider the colors as well as the overall design. While most challenge coins are round to look a lot like a half dollar, they can also take other shapes, including a bottle opener.

Decide on the verbiage for the coin, too. You may want to identify that it is for a job well done or thank them for their hard work. Either way, be sure that it means something.

Establish Rules to Receive a Challenge Coin
Once you decide to offer a coin as an employee incentive, let people know that you have them. Show them how impressive it looks. You may want to leave the coins with HR or distribute them to management. Either way, be sure people know how they can receive a coin.

You may want to identify that they have to meet their sales quota, go above and beyond in their job position, or go a certain number of days without calling out.

Make a Big Presentation
Once someone has been deemed worthy of a challenge coin, make a big deal out of it. Present it to them in front of their peers. It will help to make the coin a coveted item. Don’t give them out to just anyone as it won’t carry as much weight. Instead, hold off and give only a few out at a time, either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Remember that there is a correct way to actually hand off the coin. Rather than simply handing it to them, you’re supposed to put it into the palm of your hand and then shake their hand so that it goes into theirs.

It’s important to get creative with the way that you provide employee incentives. When employees feel appreciated and rewarded, they will work harder within the company. They will also be more likely to stay longer as an employee. Once you design a challenge coin, have a bunch made up so that they are readily available to give to an employee when they deserve something extra.

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