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How Antenna Alignment Helps Improve Emergency Services Location

Emergency services are facing a number of interesting problems due to technology, but sometimes that technology makes life easier. As almost everyone carries some sort of cellular phone, phone companies have been looking for ways to better use the technology available in order to make it easier for emergency services to find those in trouble. One of those advantages is something as simple as antenna alignment, or simply keeping an eye on how the antenna is aligned relative to the nearest cell towers. By doing so there are actually a number of advantages to be gained for those worried about emergency services professionals to find the person that much easier.

At the simplest antenna alignment tracks how the mobile phone looks at the nearest cell towers. While most cellular phones essentially attach themselves to the nearest tower for the best service, they also track a number of different towers in case something should happen to the signal; this redundancy of location ensures the strongest possible signal and therefore the best possible reception for those on both sides of the call. This allows someone to triangulate the position of the phone by considering which towers are in contact with the phone and therefore give a reasonably small area where the phone is located. This alone makes finding the phone, and therefore its user, relatively simple.

Some phones use an actual global positioning satellite system. What this means is that the phone is tied into a network of satellites that tell the phone where it is at any time, and that location can be given to emergency workers as needed. In order to make the most possible use of this system, however, the antenna must be properly aligned in order to maximize the signal in question. This means that the user must every so often check in order to make sure that the phone’s inner antenna is properly aligned with the satellites in the area. While there are other uses for this, its use in emergency location of the user makes periodic alignment well worth it alone.

There are a number of different tools to properly align the antenna so doing so is a relatively simple process that only takes a couple of minutes. For those with potentially life-endangering illnesses or other disabilities, or that simply wish to enable emergency service providers to be able to find them with the utmost ease, antenna alignment may be worth looking into for those that are justifiably paranoid when it comes to their health. Given that sometimes a matter of mere minutes can make the difference between life and death, having your antenna properly aligned can help emergency services personnel find you that much quicker.

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