The Benefits of Installing Cool Roofs

With the public increasingly becoming eco-conscious each day, new trends for reducing energy consumption are emerging with each passing day. One of these trends for reducing energy consumption that has become popular over the few previous years is installing cool roofs. That’s highlight why cool roofs are rapidly growing a usual thing in many households, particularly the households with huge energy demands and want to lower their energy consumption. Basically, cool roofs are designed to absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight than standard roofs. These eco-friendly roofs are typically made from highly reflective tiles, sheet coverings, highly reflective paints as well as highly reflective shingles. Installing cool roofs can bring loads of benefits for both businesses and homeowners alike. Below are the top benefits of installing cooling roofs.


Significant Energy Savings


Though this may sound like an obvious benefit of replacing standard roofs with cool roofs, the latter is ultimately designed with energy savings in mind. The fact that cool roofs absorb less heat than standard roofs means that your home will be cooler upon installing them. As such, you won’t have to use your AC frequently during summer days. That translates into significant energy savings over time. This is ultimately the greatest joy of any household or business owner.


Low Carbon Emissions


With a cool roof, you will not just reduce your energy bills as a result of reduced energy consumption in the long-run, but you also help Mother Nature by lowering carbon emissions. A significant percentage of the country’s carbon emissions is linked to electricity consumption. If every household were to replace its standard roof with a cool roof, the nation’s consumption of electricity would shoot down drastically. This would lead to reduced carbon emissions.


Helps Prolong the Roof’s Lifespan


A cooler roof means an extended lifespan. A standard roof absorbs heat quickly, which stresses the entire roof construction. Although the lifespan of a roof is usually dependent on its construction, a roof that is exposed to heat over time is likely to deteriorate rather quickly regardless of its construction. This means more roof repairs have to be at least on a yearly basis. But a cool roof is less unlikely to succumb to heat exposure, meanings its average lifespan is way longer than that of a standard roof.


Reduces Overreliance on Electricity


With the world fast embracing sustainable energy sources and campaigning aggressively against overreliance on electricity for energy, cool roofs offer an ingenious way of reducing overreliance on electricity for air condition during summer days. This contributes to reduced power outages and further lowers the peak demand for electricity.


Cool roofs are far from being an emerging trend, but they have almost become a necessity for every household. Therefore install a cool roof and start witnessing the multiple benefits associated with these eco-friendly roofs.

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