The Importance Of Child Proofing Medications

The importance of child proofing medications cannot be understated. The reason is because if a child gets into your medication it could have the potential to either make them very sick, or even be fatal. Make sure you fully study how to childproof all of your medications in order to prevent this from happening. There is a lot of reasons why it could happen, including the following:

Young Kids Thinking They Are Candy. 

First of all, very young kids might be inclined to think these medications are candy and not harmful to them. Because of this, these younger kids will not just eat one, but more and more and more. Thus, the potential for overdose is very high. Parents and Guardians should most definitely watch out for this with medication that is multi colored or brightly colored. If a child accidentally ingests any type of medication, you should definitely call nine-one-one immediately.

Older Kids Who Want To Get “High”. 

There are a lot of older kids who might want to chase a cheap thrill and try to get high off of prescription medication. Obviously, this is very dangerous. With the older kids, traditional childproofing methods are not going to work. However, there are still ways to keep these dangerous medications out of their hands, which we will touch upon later.

Pre-Teens Might Ingest Medication On A Dare. 

If the recent fad of eating Tide Pods is any indication, another important reason for child proofing your medication would be to simply stop young teens from experimenting with them because of peer pressure. Helping these teens realize that this is a dangerous fad will go a long way in keeping them safe. However, they are naturally going to be smarter then the really young kids. So, how do we child proof medications for the older kids? What are some things we can do?

Keep All Of Your Medications Under Lock And Key 

Although the child-proof lids will often work with the very youngest children, it will not work with the older children or the preteens. Thus, this is why unfortunately the only safe alternative is to keep all of your medication under lock and key. This is the only strategy that will keep your meds safe from all types of children, and it is the only one that will give you true piece of mind. Yes, I realize that we as adults have a tendency to keep our medications out as a reminder to take them, but in this electronic age there are other means to remind us to take all of our prescribed medications. Simply put, we have a duty to keep all of our children safe!

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