Top 5 Cities to Move to In Canada

If you’re planning a move to a new home in another country, why not consider moving to Canada? From free healthcare to beautiful natural wilderness, Canada has a lot to offer, but because most people don’t know much about the country, you may not know which cities in Canada have the most to offer. Here are the five best cities to move to in Canada, along with some of the best features of each city.

1. St. Albert, Alberta
St. Albert is a safe and economically prosperous city in the province of Alberta. St. Albert has an unemployment rate of only 5.1%, and MoneySense ranked it as the best city to live in Canada in 2014. In 2014, St. Albert was also named Canada’s safest urban centre by Statistics Canada, and the low crime rates and friendly, welcoming atmosphere make it a great place to move if you’re raising children or planning to start a family.

2. Boucherville, Quebec
For those who don’t want to move to a bustling urban center, Boucherville, located just outside Montreal, is a small city that boasts a prosperous local economy. The city’s unemployment rate is a tiny 3.1%, and the average household income is over $96,000, and Boucherville is also home to major companies like Uni-Select and Rona. In addition, the rental rates are among the most affordable in the country.

3. Ottawa, Ontario
Named MoneySense’s best place to live in Canada of 2016, Ottawa has a strong economy and is very commuter-friendly thanks to the light traffic and various public transportation options. In 2018, a brand-new transit rail system is set to open in the city, and it is also known for its beautiful natural areas such as Lansdowne Park, a 40-acre park that also serves as a sports and entertainment facility.

4. West Vancouver, British Columbia
West Vancouver is more expensive to live in than other cities on this list, but is well-worth it if you can afford the housing costs. The unemployment rate is only 5.5%, and the city is small, fairly secluded and close to nature destinations such as Kitsilano. In addition, it has a stellar reputation for schools and sports clubs, which is another draw if your family has young children.

5. Moncton, New Brunswick
Moncton is among the most affordable cities on this list, with an average housing price of around $198,000, and this east coast city offers easy access to the ocean and is close the beautiful fjords of Gros Morne National Park. The combination of available jobs and cheap housing make it a great choice for new families, recent graduates, or anyone on a tight budget.

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