Top 7 Cigar Smoking Tricks

There is a scene in an episode of Tom and Jerry in which Tom, decked out in cowboy attire, rolls a cigarette and blows an O. Attempts to emulate that very image have been since mimicked throughout time, prompting this article of the top 7 cigar smoking tricks available today.

1. As mentioned in the initial paragraph, smoke rings can be a surefire way to impress a crowd. The ring is the basis for more complicated smoke-related tricks later on down the line and must be mastered to gain proficiency in more advanced techniques. A good O takes time and effort.

2. Thought it may seem strange and counterproductive out of context, standing a cigar on its ash can be an experience that is as novel as it can be spectacular on a visual level. The trick to doing this is making sure that the ember of the cigar is flat enough to stand.

3. One of the most annoying and tedious parts about smoking a cigar is dealing with the band that holds the entire operation together. Brands such as La Gloria Trunk Show Liga JD-05’s are wrapped with a band made of organic tobacco, meaning that the entire cigar can be smoked the whole way through without hassle.

4. A simple punch cutter can make all the difference in a cigar smoking experience. Punch cutters are a simple way to guarantee a clean hit with a uniform distribution. Once a smoker makes their way around the dynamics of a basic punch, they can begin to make shapes with the inhalation area. Two punches, laid out in the shape of a venn-diagram or Mastercard logo give the cigar end the distinctive shape of a figure eight. This formation amplifies the amount of smoke available with each draw.

5. Similarly, a triple leaved clover shape can exponentially optimize the airflow in the cigar experience. A triple venn-diagram shape, made by punching three symmetrical holes in the smoking end of the cigar, makes the smoking experience almost unspeakably efficient and a delight to new guests to the cigar party. It is somewhat amusing to think that such a simple modification could create such a difference in the experience.

6. Cigars are hearty delicacies, prone to elements of composition that will not be found in lighter examples such as cigarettes. One fun diversion can be making a game of how long the ash can stay on the rest of the cigar before falling off.

7. Using a double blade cutter is an understated yet efficient way of getting the most even cigar cut.

As shown in many articles such as these, imbibing should always be done with respect to smoking’s inherent risks.

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