Top 9 Must Capture Moments on Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding takes months, even years, to complete. Couples work together with their families and wedding planners to go over every detail before the event takes place. Hiring a photographer is usually part of the planning process. Brides and grooms will meet with a photographer, go over packages, and sign a contract for services. But what some couples don’t realize until after their ceremony and reception is that there were a few moments they wished they would have captured, but didn’t. One way to avoid this remorse is to make a list of must capture moments and talk it over with the photographer before the event. Here’s the top 9 must capture moments on your wedding day.

1: Rings 

Get a photo of the wedding bands and engagement ring. You can leave the creativity up to the photographer, but it will be a tender reminder of how your commitment started.

2: Bouquet 

Have your photographer take photos of all the bouquets. A picture of all bouquets separately and then one together would be ideal.

3: Make-Up and Hair 

Invite the photographer into the bridal suite, so she can get behind the scene photos of the hair and make-up process.

4: Bride with her Bridesmaids 

Your wedding album will be full of pictures of the bridal party. But, brides will always want a photo of just herself and the bridesmaids. More than likely, these women have been a part of the bride’s daily life for years.

5: First Look 

Traditionally, the bride and groom don’t see each other before the ceremony. One of the best moments to capture is that “first look.” The moment the groom catches a glimpse of his bride-to-be appear at the end of the altar. It’s usually an emotional moment that deserves being immortalized forever.

6: Kiss 

Almost as treasured as the first look is the first kiss. For many couples, the first kiss happens years before, but there’s only one first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.

7: Centerpieces 

Whether you and your bridesmaids made the centerpieces or were designed just for you, you’ll want the decorations to be captured on film.

8: First Dance

We’ve talked about many firsts here. That’s because a wedding day is filled with so many. In addition to the first look and the first dance as Mr. and Mrs., another first moment that should be captured is the first dance.

9: Cake 

The bride and groom probably choose their wedding cake months before the ceremony and reception. But, the happy couple probably didn’t get a look at the dessert until the reception started. By having your photographer take pictures of the cake, you can make sure you remember even the smallest of details about your event.

Capture the wedding moments that will mean the most to you in the future by asking for the top 9 most capture moments on your wedding day.

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